finally got around to it

i have a friend in tucson arizona, a rockin’ country singer  who needed a bit of a boost..  seems ms savage got herself into a contest for ms. popularity in tucson against an olympic swimmer!  now. i am always up for a challenge, we ferrets don’t give up.  you find me a door to dig under, and i’ll try for days, even if i don’t make a dent in digging through the door, i will not give up… such is the stubborn stick-to-ive-ness we possess

taking on an olympic swimmer mom who actually medaled at the olympics?  nobody has ever accused me of being entirely sane. come to think of it, nobody has ever endorsed me as remotely sane.  i mean think of the keywords here:  mom. olympic medalist. successful. popular.  … the odds were long: even the famed ferret magic would be a challenged..

well you know the outcome, my friend leeanne is Tuscon Ms. Popularity, and we trounced dat olympic swimmer lady!  she’ll have to hone her skills and sharpen those typin’ paws to get one over on ol sammy here … it wasn’t even close.  if you knew how bad she lost? you might think i am anti olympic swimmer mom


and who knew i could be so absolutely mean toward my online friends?  even i didn’t realize how bad my manners have become.. as a reclusive napper, i go through my life just figuring i will do as i please, hardly mindful of anyone else

and i find this message from leeanne on my facebook:

Sam Facebook Problems

this is very much in keeping with cat behavior, who ignore all requests until they are hungry, the only kind of attention i get from the cat, is when i go over to her food stash, and make like i want in… then i get da look

but ferrets generally are more friendly than to just ignore our manners; we’ll snuggle and nap, and fall asleep in the sock drawer, how did it come to this? as the ultimate dysfunction, i feel guilty   ~ who knew i could be so out of touch?  as capable, ok, stubborn as we can be, how can we miss the stuff that is so vital to us: our social graces?  had it been that long that i managed the process?  what do i pay that admin assistant for anyway?  … errr maybe i should see if i am even paying her….

look, i gotta go. no telling what else i’ve forgotten around this burrow… goodness, who knew a fb friend request lasts forever??

leeanne, this one’s for you:

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ps:  my facebook language is set to swashbuckling pirate wizard