Google Changes Mobile Algorithm

SEO firms are spamming your inbox!  Google is going to change their Algorithm.. Are you prepared?

Well, as a critter, I am obligated to ferret out the trufe… So, I went to WordTracker’s Blog on Mobile Update, you know, that expensive Keyword Research tool, that gives better results than AdWords, because it’s not tainted by Google’s sales pitches…? Yea, that one:  and I found this quote:

How do you best prepare for this?

To properly show the urls in this particular way, Google has introduced support for structured data (also sometimes known as ‘rich snippets’ or ‘microdata’) around website names and breadcrumbs. You can find clearly laid out information about how to implement this for your site name and breadcrumb on the Google developers’ site (it’s pretty straightforward if you understand html and have done a bit of reading about how works). If you want to properly control how Google shows your breadcrumb trail (and avoid the Argos example) then it’s worth investing some time on this, as a change like this may become more relevant to how you rank in the future.

So we can see that the change doesn’t really change the Results, but it DOES cut down on the information that Mobile surfers actually view.  Think of this as EndUsers seeing your site differently.   WHERE YOU APPEAR on Search is not changing much.  If you were on page 18 before this switch? Well, admit it, you have serious issues with your Content Writers, SEO Team, Online Marketers, and Social Media crew? They can all be let go, and fired, don’t even cut them a severance check ~ you’re screwed.  Hire  someone I recommend, who get’s results.

If your site was already on Page 1 of Google Search? Then it will still be there, changing some schema stuff isn’t going to change that either!

So ignore the Spam, the hype and the nonsense, as it’s just another trick by snake oil salespeople to get you to buy “mobile” enabled version of your site, and quite frankly? That’s not the point here.

The point is, that Google’s Update is about how the information is seen on mobile devices. This update helps someone  on a Tablet see LESS INFORMATION, simplifying how they are given subliminal data.  It doesn’t change your rankings.


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