i live in the ethereal plain

i am of the internet, a complete invention of the internet, this is my world, my place, i was conceived here will likely die here, and that’s fine by me, if i have been invented to live and exist in this place of ether, than is my reality any different from someone who lives in a dream world of delusion or folks so bereft of a social life, that they thrive on likes of their selfies never really living at all but going from one selfie to the next like the girl who posted nice day and took a picture of herself from a foot away and was so enamored of her good looks that she forgot to show the sunshine am i that vain that i live for every single comment on my blog and every bit of praise that i can get my paws on and that is all my life consists of  ….

am i that shallow and vain?

don’t answer that


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